Text To Speech (TTS)

RohamAI text to speech supports Persian now. It has 5 natural male and female voices.
It uses deep learning algorithms to train the models.
By text to speech service you can make any software or hardware talkative.

  1. Persian now, have plans to add English, French, German, Pashto, Urdu, Turkish, Kurdish and Arabic.
  2. 4 Natural male & female voices
  3. NLP accuracy > 92%
  4. The ability to create your own voice
  5. The ability to develop for the other languages
  6. API
  7. Offline SDK for Android, Windows, iOS and Linux
  8. It can be integrated with mobile apps, cloud software, connected devices and ultimately internet of things.
You can try HMM-based voices through this box now and also can listen to voice samples by deep learning below.
You can try our new voices synthesized by deep neural networks soon.
If you browse this page with your mobile,first click on Read Then click on Download.
Sample Text
Original Voice
Synthesized Voice
من دایان هستم.اسم تو چیه؟
کی میای؟
من میتونم براتون هر متنی رو بخونم.
ای وای حالا چکار کنیم؟
اگه میخواین صداتون رو ماندگار کنین، با ما تماس بگیرین.