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Speech Recognition

By RohamAI Speech recognition makes it easy to add speech analysis capability to your services.

  1. o Supports Persian and English now, (We will add more languages soon).
  2. o Transcribe speech to text in real-time.
  3. o Incredibly accurate transcripts
  4. o Customized vocabulary support
  5. o Multiple languages support
  6. o Realtime streaming support
  7. o High accuracy and alternative results available
  8. o API
  9. o Accuracy > 92 %
  10. o Noise robust
  11. o Speaker independent
  12. o The ability to develop for the other languages
  13. o It can be integrated with mobile apps, cloud software, connected devices and ultimately internet of things.
Command Recognition
  1. o Detect predefined keywords or commands with high accuracy
  2. o Available both in cloud and local

You can try our speech recognition by your mobile voice recorder or uploading a file easily.
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